Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Chores

Occasionally, my husband will beg me to go shopping or go to the spa so he can watch some horrendous, gratuitously violent manflick! I am generally happy to oblige! Especially after sorting through my make-up gear the other day and finding that I'm in serious need of an update! So this morning, I'm heading out to the duty-free shops to update my make-up bag and I'm planning to look for this:
Chanel Nouvelle Vague
I just adore turquoise and if this has made it to the island yet, I simply must have this on my toes!!!

I'm also going to hit up the NARS counter to update my collection! NARS is quickly becoming my go-to for make-up! So far I'm in love with every product I've purchased there and I'm ready to do some damage to my credit card this morning!!!

After some duty-free retail therapy, I'm going to to Focus Salon for a Therawax Pedicure (much needed!) and to get my bushy eyebrows shaped and sorted out! They're blonde so not particularly problematic, but they have officially taken over my face and I feel like a werewolf!

And while I'm out for this day of shopping and beauty, hubby will be home watching this....

Should be a great day for all involved! Now if I could only get the rain to stop, it would be perfect!
What are your weekend plans?
Pink Julep!



  1. Now that's the way to do it!! You get to shop and he gets his man flick!

    Love the polish color...I think I'll have to pick one up like that. Too cute, very fresh for summer.

  2. that is such a beautiful turquoise color! make sure to post a pic of it on!


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