Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bedroom Style

I've been thinking a lot about how I'd like to decorate when we move into a place where we can! So I've been putting collages together collages to get ideas and inspiration, mostly because I'm super excited to at least know that where I'm going is where I'll be staying for a while, so it's totally fine to splurge on a few things I'd like to keep for our home!

I'm a big fan of a zen like sort of feel to the bedroom so that it's a sanctuary where I can go and relax. I love browns and light greens or blues. So the collage above is my rendering of that.

I also love COLOR!!! And I'm totally in love with mixing black & white with colors and patterns! Hubby likes the 2nd one best. I think I might like the first one best and then will put more color fun in the other rooms.

Which one do you like best? Totally feel free to say so if you don't like either... I won't pretend like I'm an expert in interior design! Just because I like it, doesn't mean I can do it, but it sure is fun to try!

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  1. I love the yellow/gold. So cheery and unexpected in a bedroom. I tagged you on my blog!

  2. They are both splendid looks, but then I am someone who also loves color. Lots of it. If forced to choose, I would go with the turquoise/teal over the yellow.

    Sending you a smile,


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