Friday, August 20, 2010

College Prep

The collegiate school girl fashions are back in style this fall and I'm personally excited about it! I'm not much of a prep in the sense of pink and green or wearing animals all over my pants with a polo shirt and a palm tree cardigan. Not judging, but it's just not my personal style. However, I'm a sucker for plaid, penny loafers, maryjanes, cardigans, knee socks and pleated mini's! I love an oxford style shirt with a great v-neck sweater, though I rarely wear that style because I always feel too chesty in it! Burberry makes me scream with delight and riding boots are on the top of my wishlist! So I'm pretty excited about this trend making a comeback for Fall and I think if executed appropriately, it can be right for a gal of any age! I've compiled 5 looks below, based on my 5 favorite school girl preps from television and film!

My most favorite is Cher Horowitz from Clueless!!! She is the goddess that taught us all the valuable lesson of layering and what it can do for our wardrobes! So happy that the cute little backpack purses are back along with knee socks (not that I can get away with them on my baked hams for calves), maryjanes and plaid are back in fashion and we can all rock our Cher style again!

Though I haven't watched Gossip Girl in ages, I love Blair Waldorf's style! Her looks are current and bold, but still classic! I could definitely imaging Blair in this look, red tights and all!

And number 3 is none other than Blair Warner from The Facts of Life!!! I feel like this Blair-inspired look is totally wearable for women of most ages! I would wear this look for sure and in my oppinion, it's definitely office appropriate.

Ali McGraw as Jennifer Cavalleri was the perfect college co-ed in Love Story! Whether you saw it in the theatre when it came out, or you caught it for the first time on TBS cause you weren't born yet when it came out (like me), I think we all nearly died and went to fashion heaven every time her fresh face shone on the screen wearing her effortlessly chic classic separates! And the hats! Amazing! I think of all the looks here, this one is most like my personal style! I love penny loafers, argyle, scarves, peacoats and corduroy pants are a dream in Fall/Winter!!!

Rory Gilmore... need I say more? It's only my favorite tv show of all time and I am always watching it on DVD! She was the original inspiration for this post when I was shopping online and finding plaid pleated skirts and blazers everywhere! If you're a hard-core, blue blooded prep, then get out your Belgian loafers, emblem blazers and knee socks and you'll be in vogue this Fall for sure!

I will definitely be looking into some tartan mini skirts, v-neck sweaters and some loafers for my wardrobe this Fall! Will you be getting collegiate with your wardrobe this Fall?

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  1. I love the "preppy" look. I just like how stylish/classic the whole thing looks. Blair is definitely a style maven :)

  2. Hi Ashley! I found you on twitter and clicked over to your blog. I love it! So glad I visited! Your header is absolutely adorable, I love Dawn's work, she creates the most fantastic images!

    I was reading your 'about me' and I'm wondering if your hometown isn't near me. I grew up in Southwest VA.

    Can't wait to follow along and read more from your blog!!



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