Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink Julep at the Cinema: Inception

I was a little skeptical about Inception. I envisioned it would be like Avatar, The Time Traveler's Wife and The Matrix had a baby. But I ventured out as a loyal lover of Leonardo Dicaprio... I have loved him since childhood so I figured, how bad could it be? And with Joseph Gordon Levitt as a bonus, I was sold.

And I was PLEASANTLY surprised! Inception is an exceptional film! It's beautifully filmed, inventive, interesting and the cast is fantastic! I didn't get bored for one second watching this masterful film!

Inception is about Dom Cobb, a man who can extract information from people's minds while they sleep. He is running from the law and desperately wants to return to the US to be with his children again. He has been hired by a powerful man to perform a very risky procedure and hires a team to help him with the job, which if completed will guarantee his freedom and ability to return home. Some very strange things start happening when this team delves deeper and deeper into the forbidden areas of the mind.

I highly recommend this film! I definitely recommend that you see it in the theatre for the full effecct! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I haven't even heard of it but thanks for the info....
    this may be our next date night movie:)

  2. I am a big Christopher Nolan fan and I also have a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt so I knew this movie would be amazing!

    lovely blog, I adore the colors!


  3. Oooh!! I have been wanting to see this since it came out. We've been running around like crazy the last few weeks, but we'll have to add it to our weekend to-dos!

  4. I have been wanting to see this movie and now I'm on a low sugar, low carb diet plan. I simply cannot go to the movie theatre without buttered popcorn and a diet coke! What to do???

  5. Thank you!! I'll have to wait to rent it but based on your recommendation I will. You recommended the Runaways in another post and I rented it. I loved it. You were so right!

  6. I felt the same, hesitant about this particular movie but a fan of Leo. He's a lovely actor that seems to only choose the best films (well, shutter island was okay but not great) and thanks to your review I may have to see this in theaters rathe than wait until it's released on dvd.

  7. watched it on its first appear oncinemas and loved it and same for me i didnt get bored for a minute,
    btw a lovely blog am following sweetie :p


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