Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Julep's New Obsession: Metromint Water

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I'm kind of in love with Metromint! It's a little pricy (at least here on island it is) but totally worth it on a super hot day! So far I've tried the Lemonmint, Cherrymint and Peppermint flavors and I love them all! I was excited to read about the benefits of drinking mint water after I tried it and to also discover that Tom Cruise and Brittany Snow are also fans. Check out this little blurb about it on

Hubs doesn't like it. He says it's like drinking Listerine or toothpaste and you might find that as well. But on a scorcher of a day like today has been, I find it leaves my insides feeling cool and tingly! And with benefits such as tension ease and aiding digestion, it's like magic bonus water! Loves it! I think the Cherrymint is my favorite so far!

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  1. I'd seen this but hadn't tried it yet- may pick up some today!

  2. i tried it a while ago and remember not liking it that much but i might have to try the cherrymint now, that sounds yummy!

  3. When we were little, my mom always made peppermint tea for us when we were sick to our stomach (usually because we ate too much crap at some birthday party or something). Now peppermint makes me think of nausea - so needless to say I'm not a fan! ;)

    I picked up the lemon version of this water once, not noticing it was mint (I know...duh...metroMINT). I couldn't finish it. Too minty for me.

    On the other hand, I had some rosemary lemonade from whole foods once - swoon. Delicious and refreshing for summer.


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