Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Special Offer for Pink Julep Abroad Readers From Paperless Post!!!

Paperless post is a great new modern way of sending cards, greetings or invitations to your next soiree! It's easy, affordable and eco-chic! I'm in love with this concept and I wish I had known about it when we were planning our wedding! On the day that hubby took his CPA exam in Miami, he flew out at 5am, went straight to the test center, left after his exam and spent an hour looking for a post office to mail our save the date cards (saving us over $100 in international postage). If I had known about Paperless Post, I might have gone this route instead.

There are so many options to chose from for color and theme of your greeting or invitation.

Customization options are available and you can even create a card using a photo. Paperless Post offers options for tracking RSVP's and you can manage your address book within your account. Each greeting is sent using a stamp. Stamps can be purchased through the website and they never expire. Coins can also be purchased and you can use the coins to customize your greeting with envelope liners or other add-ons.

All photos courtesy of Paperless Post

The lovely people at Paperless Post have extended a special offer to Pink Julep Abroad readers. Regularly, it's free to sign up and you receive 25 stamps and 10 coins for free. Click here for the Pink Julep Abroad special offer from Paperless Post to sign up and receive 35 free stamps and 10 coins!
I have signed up and I'm planning to use paperless post to send out change of address notes to my friends and family when we move. This is a perfect way to invite your friends to your Labor Day clambake, Back to School Bash or upcoming Holiday Parties!

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  1. I'm such a stationery purist, but I've heard about this company and I'm really intrigued by this idea. Thanks so much for passing along the discount!

  2. How awesome!!

    I am such a stationary HO & Hoarder, lol!


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