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Why Buy a New Dress When You Can Layer This Fall?

Fall Layering

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I'm not really the kind of gal that swaps out my entire closet every time the seasons change. I know that some people would find that repulsive right along with me wearing white after Labor Day as well, but that's just the way I roll!

Some dresses and other items in your closet can transition right into Fall and you'll get even more use out of them. Take dresses from summer and wear them with tights, cardigans, scarves and/or boots and they will work for you year round! The bonus is that you can then afford to spend more on your accessories! Go ahead and buy the purse you've had your eye on for Fall or those booties that you just can't live without! The great thing is that designers showed florals and bright colors on the runway for Fall so anything goes! One of my favorite outfits for Fall is a lightweight summer dress that I wear with black tights, black leather pumps and a rufled cardigan.

After I posted about colored tights on the Fall runway a while back, some of you wrote to me saying that you aren't sure how to experiment with colored or patterned tights. My favorite way is to wear a plain black dress paired with colored or patterned tights so that you aren't too overwhelming! You can do this with a dress you've already been wearing all summer and it's a cheaper way of experimenting in case you decide that the look doesn't really work for you and your personal style.

As I'm going through my wardrobe (almost all summer wear since I live in the Caribbean), I'm looking and what I want to keep and thinking about how I can make it work for me in a few months when I'm living in crispy cold England. Though I do plan to invest in some great new Fall looks, I am also making a list of what could work with a great pair of tights or leggings, a cardi or blazer and some new accessories! And those new cardigans, blazers, tights and boots can also work for other new looks! I'll also be looking at summer dresses that are on sale to wear in the same way! With the way fashion is evolving, there aren't many rules anymore so we're free to experiment with fabrics, weights and layering, which makes things so much more interesting!

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  1. Great post. I agree with making the most of our wardrobes by getting use out of the pieces we like best. This eliminates the need to buy for the sake of buying, and helps us truly appreciate the pieces we have. Also, wearing our clothes in different ways helps us develop our own style. I really like that F21 dress :)


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