Saturday, September 11, 2010

18 Days and Counting!!!

My blog posts seem to be few and far between these days and well, I have no excuse other than I'm moving 4,000 miles away in 18 days! We are beyond excited!!! I've been working so hard on our apartment which has to be spotless for inspection by tomorrow and I've been packing all our things as well! Selling things on the internet, giving stuff away, donating clothing... you know the drill! It's exhausting and very time-consuming!

I'm heading back to work on Monday for a week and 3 days. Then I'm finished with work! Woo hoo! We've decided to throw a luau BBQ as a going away get-together with our friends and we're excited about that. I'll have more time for blogging very soon, but right now, I'm racing against the clock, but in the meantime I'm tweeting up a storm, so come follow me on Twitter!

Hope to see you in the Twitterverse! xo

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