Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Nail Colors for Early Fall

So summer is over, but it's still warm and sunny in many parts of the western world... we're all thinking about what to wear during this transitional phase because it's not quite time for chunky sweaters, but we feel a little silly wearing our sun dresses so we're all digging out our transitional pieces to keep it light and sunny without being too dark and cold until it's time. Well, we should think similarly about the other aspects of our look. This includes nail polish colors. It might be a bit early for the dark reds, purples and navy blues, but you might be getting tired of springy pinks and the oh so popular 2010 summer trend of turquoise. So what should you chose? Well, here are some shades that I have on tap in my nail polish arsenal for this time of year and I'm really enjoying them right now!
Copper Mountain Copper
A shimmery dark coral - nearly burnt orange but not quite.

Dating a Royal
This is a true royal blue and I find it to be a great transitional color because it's not too bright, but not too dark. I wear this color in between the turquoise and navy times of the year.

Moon Over Mumbai
This is a sheer grey color and a great substitute for modest sheer pinks as we move into Fall.

Curry Up Don't Be Late
Gold is great for any time of year, but I usually associate gold with early Fall.

Sheer Your Toys
I'm wearing this color and I absolutely love it! Grey is huge for Fall and has become a very popular neutral! I like this shade because it has a bit of a lavender hint to it and it's very glossy without being too bold.

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I'm very much looking forward to stocking up on some new Fall colors this week. I've had my eye on Paradoxal and Khaki Vert, both by Chanel and Ski Teal You Drop by OPI. What colors are you wearing on your nails for Fall?
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  1. i love love love dating a royal! :)

  2. I LOVE these colors!!! I am especially in love with the "Sheer Your Toys"!! Have you discovered Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Line? I am in LOVE with Commander in Chic!!

  3. I switched to a fall red a couple of weeks ago on my toes!

  4. I love the grey! Grey is supposed to be a big color for the fall this year! :o)

  5. Love all of them! the grey and gold are both very pretty. Have a good rest of your weekend :)


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