Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leaving is a Great Reason to Luau

My husband and I were kind of against going out to a bar or restaurant for our going away party. It seemed inpersonal, boring and we didn't want to get into the game of taking RSVP's and changing reservations numbers every 5 minutes. So I suggested we throw a party. Hubby agreed and our friends encouraged a theme. Since we still had our costumes from my boss's luau last November, having a Hawaiian theme was the obvious choice. We barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs and served baked beans, potato salad, pineapple skewers and chips & dips. I made Lethal Luau punch (a vodka punch recipe I made last Christmas) and we had a selection of beer and wines. For the children I had little Hawaiian looking plastic bags filled with goldfish crackers and blue Koolaid Coolers! It was a great time!

My husband is such a good sport! He actually wanted to wear a grass skirt!

We intended to have this outside by the pool but it poured rain and there was a 60% chance of thunderstorms until 10pm so we moved indoors. This was my favorite decorative piece, the inflatable palm tree cooler!

Most of what I bought for the party is disposable and cheap because we are leaving on Wednesday and not taking it with us, but I think it was still really cute! And we threw in things we already had like beach towels, floats and our sun chair.

My sweetie and I had a great time! He's the best husband in the world anyway, but he is ace when we're hosting a party. He rolls up his sleeves and really helps! We're a good team and we really love throwing parties for all our friends! We're turning out to be quite the entertainers!

When the party started winding down, we piled about 10 people (some of our closer friends here) into a taxi van and we went to our favorite Cayman nightlife spot, The Office Lounge for karaoke Saturday night. This is a picture of Marc singing Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash!

And I sang Janice Joplin's Me & Bobby McGee. We got mad props from the people in the bar for wearing our hula gear out on the town!

It was a brilliant send-off and our friends made it a true night to remember! Most of my colleagues came and our neighbors as well. I was in tears by the end of the night from saying goodbye to everyone, but I know we've made friends here that we'll be seeing in London in years to come... good friends we're going to know forever I think.
Now I'm in full packing mode... not much longer! We're leaving tomorrow!

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