Friday, October 15, 2010

Random: Shopping, Dining, OOTD & More

So much going on these days so I apologize for all the mixed bag posts, but this is the only way I can share at the moment! We're just about to jet off to Ireland in a couple of hours so as you can imagine, I've been busy! Hubby got a job! He starts on Monday! Yikes! So we set out shopping on Wednesday at Westfield to get him some work clothes... I couldn't resist taking a tour through Dior while we were there... I nearly died of gorgeousness overdose!!!

It's official that Mr. Julep has become a Pink Man! Thomas Pink has the best shirts for men ever! And now, many of their styles don't require ironing!!! AMAZING! They are a bit pricey, but so worth it!

After a day's shopping, I treated hubby to a steak dinner at The Meat and Wine Company, which was soooooo good! The steaks were amazing! The service was not that great, but the food was worth a bit of waiting around... Pictured above is a Puzo Rose, which has Absolute Citron, Cranberry Juice, Lime wedges, Elderflower Cordial, Rose Water and Ginger Ale... it was heavenly!

I finally found a cute pair of wedges on a sale rack!!! YAY!!! These are Nine West, super comfy and much cuter than this picture shows... I also found coats, which thrilled me! I've been looking for the perfect coat for 2 weeks and liked nothing. Finally, when I found one, I found two!

This is a random photo of the zen garden situated in the courtyard of our building... I just thought it was pretty.

Yesterday when I woke up, I realized we had no available luggage for our trip... so we set out to buy some. This was my outfit.
Argyle V-Neck Merino Sweater - Uniqlo
Dark Wash Denim Mini - Uniqlo
Grey Tights - H&M
Bag - Esprit
Black Ring - H&M
Boots - UGGS (pictured below)
Cameo Earrings - Dorothy Perkins
We headed to Selfridges and on our way, we stopped here for lunch:

It was great! Kind of like a diner!

I had macaroni & cheese...

with a side of mashed potatoes... YUM!!!

Selfridges had an art exhibit. I wasn't impressed by most of it, but I liked this one. A shark's jaw dripping with magnetic tape... interesting. You know, like the ribbons out of cassette tapes!

Hubs has to do some travel with his new job so we got him a fabulous Tumi suit carrier that folds up into a cabin size rolling case! Fab! I had to get something fab too... it's only fair! So I settled on this Longchamp beauty... it also has a suit bag inside as well as a bag for your shoes! Awesome!

Now we're all packed up and ready to go! I hope you all have fabulous weekends!!! I'll be posting photos of our family weekend in Kilkenny when I get back! xoxo

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  1. Have a wonderful time this weekend :)

  2. We drove through Kilkenny on our honeymoon. I'm so jealous! We're dying to go back. We're thinking our two-year anniversary in March might be the perfect time. Have fun!

  3. Congrats to your hubby on his job. Have fun in Ireland. Love PINK shirts!

  4. Look like you've been busy! Love your outfit!! Have a good weekend!

  5. Have a great time! Liking your luggage! x

  6. I love your merino sweater. Is that one ogf UNIQLO's signature merino cashmere sweaters?


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