Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cotswolds

I made a friend through Twitter and my blog while still living in Cayman. She became such a helpful and wonderful friend once I disclosed our planned move to the UK and we've been in constant touch ever since! I met her and her lovely 2 children in London about a month ago for a day out and lunch and had such a great time chatting with her! Apparently she's been reading my blog almost since the beginning and we read all the same blogs as well, so we had plenty to chat about! I was dead excited when she and her family invited Mr. Julep and I to stay for a weekend at her home in the historic Cotswolds region of England! We went on Friday and had the best time talking, shopping, sightseeing and eating wonderful meals! All of these photos were taken in Broadway, a quaint Cotswolds village that they took us to! It was so lovely and beautiful! There were loads of shops, Christmas shops and crafty little mom and pop places! I loved it and will look forward to hopefully visiting my new friend again sometime in the future and trying to entertain her as well in London as she entertained us in Cheltenham! Enjoy the photos!

We've discovered just how lucky we are to live here in London with so many trains at our fingertips! We've been on 2 train journeys this month after 2 1/2 years of not being able to travel anywhere easily away from our island life! I'm looking forward to another train journey soon and thinking about doing a little day trip! It would be nothing to get on a train early in the morning, spend the day somewhere and get the train back at night! It's something we did a few times when we lived in NYC, visiting Connecticut towns on the weekend! Any suggestions of where we should go for our next day trip?
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  1. Hampton Court Palace is great! It'a a former palace of King Henry VIII. They have a hedge maze and beautiful gardens!


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