Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day in the City for the Christmas Lighting on Regent Street

Yesterday was a great day! A girl I met years ago through some mutual friends lives in the city and I met her, her mom and her sweet baby girl for a late lunch and the lighting of the Christmas lights on Regent Street. She worked at the summer stock theatre one summer where I worked in high school and college so even though we don't know each other too well, we have a lot of friends in common and she did some shows with my mom who had a turn as an actress as well! It's a small world for sure! We met at a place called The Breakfast Club Cafe, a cute little place in Soho that has a lot of 80's charm and does amazing American-style breakfast!
This sign was right above our table... appropriate, no?
After lunch we went for a stroll, making our way to Regent Street for the lighting ceremony. It was pretty cold, but I enjoyed it! It's been so long since I've been cold for wintery Christmas activities. Christmas just isn't the same when it's 85 degrees outside and you're surrounded by palm trees, Tortuga Rum and Cuban cigars...
I have been snapping shots all over the city of buildings with "Turner" on them... it's my last name and I'm happy to see it plastered all over London! This is Turner headquarters... as in Ted Turner as in Turner Classic Movies and other channels or entertainment ventures!

We took a shortcut through Carnaby Street, the home of the "Swinging 60's" where much of the Austin Powers flicks were filmed. It's a very cool area where Liberty of London can be found along with loads of other shopping! The theme for their Christmas lights this year is spacy, featuring astronaut Santa's and colorful planets! I love it!

There are shops and pubs a plenty on Carnaby Street and I look forward to going back there sometime for some shopping when it's a little less crowded!

Space age Santas were everywhere... cute!

This is the chandelier in the entrance of Hamley's of London, the famous toy store here, similar to FAO Schwartz. The difference is that Hamley's is celebrating it's 250th Anniversary... it's older than the USA!

After taking a stroll through a little shop I was quite happy to find has made it's way to London (um, hello! Who knew there was an Anthropology here?!?!?!) we made our way to our spots for the lighting ceremony. We got pretty close so we had a decent view!

It was very crowded!

One of the Hamley's attendants in his costume announced the show!

Alexis Jordan, a pop star of only 18 years old performed two songs. She was pretty good, though I must admit I'd never heard of her. Other performers included the cast of Jersey Boys who were excellent and X Factor winner Joe McElderry, who sang a song from the Narnia film, the sponsor of the evening.

The lights were turned on by 3 members of the cast of the Narnia film. I didn't really know who they were. They were all 3 very young from what I could tell. I was a little disappointed since last year's celebs were Colin Firth and Bob Hoskins, two of my favorites! But it was still a lot of fun and who knows, there's always next year! Maybe next year Breaking Dawn will sponsor the lights and I'll finally get to see RPatz!
After the show I parted ways with my pal and met up with hubs. We headed back toward Oxford Circus and went to A Crepe Affair for some sweet treats! Hubby had a Mellow Yellow (lemon, sugar & butter) crepe with tea and I indulged in a strawberry & Nutella crepe with a cafe mocha. It was yummy, but not nearly worth the hefty price tag!
It was a great day and reminded me of how happy I am to be living in one of the world's truly great cities! The Christmas lights are on all over London now and it's a gorgeous, magical place to walk around! I'm already dreading January, but looking forward to much more Christmas excitement!!!

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