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Fabulous Weekend: Portobello Market & Bonfire Night

We started our weekend right on Saturday morning with breakfast at our favorite local spot, Cafe Continente. Then we headed to Notting Hill to see the famous Portobello Market for the first time! Some of you may remember the scenes of Hugh Grant strolling through the market on Portobello Road in the film Notting Hill. Well let me tell you, it wasn't nearly as crowded in the film as it was on Saturday morning, but it was fabulous just the same! The photo above is a gorgeous church we saw on our way there... the trees are gorgeous right now and the leaves are gorgeous this Autumn!

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this street sign!

When we started edging into the market we were pretty amazed at the size of it! And street performers are everywhere! This guy was slappin his base and singing country songs! He was great!
The colorful houses on Portobello Road are so pretty and different from most of the parts of London we've seen so far where white, grey and brown seem to be the featured colors.

This is a side street and it's gorgeous! Would love to have a bajillion zillion dollars so I could buy one of these places and live there!

Marc wanted me to buy this t-shirt... kinda true, no?

A picture of my adorable husband. Notice the gas masks behind him? He was pretty amazed when this woman of obvious wealth (burberry head to toe except the LV bag and Jimmy Choo boots) bought her little boy a grenade...

It was sooooo crowded! I'm hoping to go back on a weekday morning sometime when it migh be less crowded and I'll actually be able to look at some stuff!
There were shops on Portobello as well and we ducked into a few including Lush (where I stocked up on bath bombs for cold nights), Jack Wills, Cath Kidston and a few shoe stores. I was on the hunt anyway for a pair of wellies (I was hoping for Hunters) to wear at the bonfire since I'd heard it could be quite nasty and muddy.
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I walked away with these babies! The Hunter Carnaby Short Boa Wellies in pewter!!! Needless to say, I'm in love with them!!! This is my first pair of Hunters! I tried on several styles and I have to say, the classic style hunters just aren't really my style, but when I saw these, I fell in love... they are cha cha! I also found that the short style was perfect for my legs! Any of you sturdy gals (or former dancers like me) with some beefy calves should consider the shorter version... it seems like they'd be unflattering, but they're not! I rocked these bad boys all weekend and gladly since the bonfire was held in a mud field!
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I wouldn't have been able to stand wearing these all weekend without the Hunter Wellie Socks! They are divine! It's not really a sock persay... it's more of a boot liner. I prefer to wear a normal slightly thin sock under my fleece wellie socks for maximum warmth and comfort. These are fab and really make your wellies comfy! They are long, however with a bit of folding they work just as well on the shorter styles! I picked up this cable knit version in both grey and black. The shop owner told me the cable knits are limited editions, so if you like them, grab some now! They are super cute!
After the market we jumped on a train to a small town called Sandy, which is north of London. It was my first time taking the National Rail Service since I was here in 2003. It's very convenient and though a bit expensive, a great way to travel! A friend's parents live there and we were invited to come and stay the night. We got to meet her brother & girlfriend as well. The family was really fun and very nice! We had a great time and were grateful to be included!!! I also had my very first curry and I loved it! Pictured above is the bonfire we went to! It was HUGE!!!

It was very crowded as well. Apparently this is one of the biggest events of the year in Sandy and everyone comes out for the festivities!

Hubs and I in front of our first bonfire - my first Guy Fawkes ever and hubs' first since our big move!

The next morning we had a wonderful English breakfast and walked back to the train station on a path that goes along the river. The scenery was gorgeous!

A few lads were out fishing right near this swan.

Horses in the distance....

These sheep were so fat that I thought they were pigs at first!

It was a great weekend and I'm super grateful for my new wellies today since it's cold and raining cats and dogs! I hope you all had a great weekend as well! What did you get up to?

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  1. I have sleek blacks and a red pair of wellies. And of course, oodles of the socks. can't get enough of those. and yeah, GORGEOUS.

  2. this looks like such a fun weekend- great boots!
    I can't believe you've never done a guy fawkes night before!!
    great post :)

  3. I'm loving all your London posts. The pics are beautiful! I'm glad you're adjusting & keep the posts coming;-)


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