Monday, November 29, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend Wrap-up!

We received word on Friday afternoon that our references had been approved and the flat we want is all ours so that called for some celebration! I sent hubby out for fish and chips dinner, which was delish! Then we headed to the Admiral Codrington (known to Sloane Rangers as "The Cod") in Sloane Square for drinks. We walked down King's Road to get there and it's a lovely area! I can't wait to go shopping there sometime soon!

The Cod was interesting. There were lots of posh fellas wining and dining their "birds." Popped collars everywhere! But it was a fun, relaxed pub with a restaurant in back that played fun music. I overheard a few Sloanies conversations... one girl telling the guy she was with "You're a shit lovah!" to which I laughed out loud! It was an interesting night and I'm sure we'll go back there again sometime.

The only bummer about The Cod was that it closed promptly at 11pm, which is not unusual for pubs in London... So we got in a taxi and headed to The White Horse Pub on Parsons Green in Fulham. Even the cab driver knew it was "The Sloanie Pony" which excited me!

Here's a photo of the beer garden outside... it was packed. Everyone looks red because of the heaters overhead outside to keep it warm. The Sloaney Pony was fabulous! Packed with posh preps and freaks alike... everything from a punk rockers to aristocrats inside and they were having a beer tasting festival with a rockin blues band. We danced the night away and had a great time! We were also very excited to find out that The Sloaney Pony is only 2 stops away from our new flat... definitely going back there!!!

On Saturday we made a pilgrimage up to Wembley to go to the IKEA there and scope out some furniture options! And when we got home, we had a whole different night to look forward to....

Our local pub here in West Kensington had an Elvis impersonator performing! He was a riot! hahaha I shouted out Kentucky Rain and he actually sang it for me! hahaha

Sunday we headed to Westfield for Christmas shopping... I only bought 1 present, but I found silverware for the flat and fancy treats for our reindeer advent calendar!

It the first year we're using it so I thought some red, green & gold foil wrapped truffles filled with mint, Irish cream and champagne would be ideal! YUM! I can't wait till December 1st to eat the first chocolate!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend too! xo

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  1. How amazing does that chocolate look?! YUMMMM xxxooo


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