Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Festive Nail Color

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I couldn't live with The Color to Watch on my nails right now... it's just not very festive or appropriate for Fall/Winter in my opinion. So I took it off after a day 1/2 and traded for OPI's Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. I love it!

It's a dark green. Almost like Hunter Green and very appropriate for the holidays! It's very glossy and sleek and indoors it's so dark it nearly looks black in poor light, but when I go outside, you can really see that it's a Christmas Tree shade of green! I think this is the chicest shade of green nail polish I've ever tried and I'll definitely be keeping this color in my nail wardrobe!

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  1. Am currently compiling a list of nail polishes to use for festive nails-I may even attempt some nail art and blog about it! Seriously I need to calm down with all this Christmas stuff!

  2. I wore that one last week. Loved it.

  3. LOVE green nails! I think green will be the super hot nail trend for Spring.


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