Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

The lights are up and on all over London! Christmas trees are popping up left and right! The weatherman has been predicting snow for a couple of weeks... he's been wrong everytime, so I'm wondering if it's wishful thinking, but the concensus is, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in London! I've still got a bit more decorating to do, but here's a cheeky sneak peek at our holiday decorations!
I snatched up this advent calendar at a little shop in Greenwich when we were there last week! I just love it! I've only got a few days to find something to put in it... I'd best get moving on that or the first few days of the countdown might be disappointing!

A close up of our cute votives from Marks and Spencer. They have glittery red candles inside with a cranberry orange spice scent! YUM!

Our tree and one of my favorite items, the tree skirt from John Lewis! I've never had a tree skirt before and though this piece was kind of ridiculously expensive, I just love it! I think it really pulls everything together and it's going to last forever!

Our tree is pretty short to be honest... we were afraid to get anything too big because we're in this holiday flat which is quite small and we didn't want the tree to take over the whole room... so it's our starter tree. Hopefully next year we'll put this midget tree in the bedroom and get a huge one for our sitting room!
I love the Nordic ornaments we got from John Lewis!

The star is not my favorite... but it's all I could find... It could be worse, I suppose...

This sign came with us from Cayman... I just couldn't leave it behind! It's too cute!

And this one as well... it perfectly describes my views on Christmas! It's a meaningful holiday of course, but let's be honest, we all love the shopping and commercialism of it all! It's unneccessary, but fun... I just love buying everyone presents and wrapping them up! I love the shopping bags and the holiday music in the stores! It's just too much fun!

I was a little disappointed in this candle lamp from Next, but it's still cute! I thought it would be much bigger and come with real candles... I was a little dissappointed to find it's electric, but whatever... I can find other ways to put enough candles around our house to make it look like a shrine to the inventor of scented wax!

Also from Next is our greeting tree, which I love! I got this as a center piece for our dining table! It's too cute, I think and made of nice sturdy wood!

And last but not least, our coordinating Christmas crackers for dinner this year! I got enough to have them for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas)!!! There will only be three of us here, but that's no reason to skimp on the festivities! I plan on stuffing my husband and his mum like sausages before sending her back to Ireland and him back to work! I'm going to start working on the menu for Christmas week very soon so I can book a coveted delivery slot for groceries! I'm so excited I can't stand it! I've always cooked for Christmas except last year when we went to LA, but this year we have a guest!
Are any of you hosting Christmas dinner at home this year? What will you be serving?

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  1. Looks amazing!! Glad you are getting so much deocrating done, xxxoo

  2. It is super cute how you are writing with a British accent! What is a holiday flat? A vacation condo?
    I think we will all need detailed explanations of the holiday foods AND lots of insider stories on Wills and Kate :O)
    I am so jealous and wish that I could be in London for Christmas!

  3. Love these decorations, especially the "Naughty or Nice"- adorable!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for some beautiful jewelry if you like:

  4. It is and I love it! Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. i just love you christmas goodies!


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