Monday, November 8, 2010

New Nail Color: Cuckoo For This Color by OPI

My nail polish from last week was chipped beyond repair so I had to do something about it... I painted these myself so don't judge if they're a little less fabulous than a professional manicure, but I had to share this color cause I love it! It's OPI's Cuckoo For This Color! It's a dark green with a hit of sparkle. It's almost like a tealish hunter green so it's lovely for the holidays especially!

What color are you rockin this week?

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  1. right now i'm wearing tuxedo by essie. it's my first time wearing black nail polish and i'm actually really loving it. i just keep telling myself its chic and not goth!

  2. love it i think i need to add it to my list for next time! I just got fucky donkey on my toes yesterday- its purple :)

  3. Love your blog and reading about your life in London. That color is great! Christmas-y color. I'm wearing a new color: You don't know Jacques by OPI and love it. Darker dove grey.


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