Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink Julep Approved: Miley's Increasingly Edgy, Avant Garde Style

This photo was taken of Miley Cyrus in Paris a while back and I couldn't get enough of her Desperately Seeking Susan look! She looks to European and cool! And her style is getting more and more boho all the time.

She seems to be rocking a lot of leather and white lace, which is super rock and roll.

Like this gorgeous D&G number... love it!

And the architectural waisteline on this outfit with a white shirt is very reminiscent of centuries gone by, but edgy all the same!

I love this burnout velvet coat which she's paired with clogs! She's definitely rockin the Janis Joplin look here! And she's wearing that turquoise necklace a lot... I don't blame her. It's a fab piece and suits her style!

I'm looking forward to seeing Miley's future looks. It's like she's turned into the 3rd Olsen twin and I love it!
What do you think of her newfound edgy rocker style?

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