Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink Julep Reads: Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad

I just finished the 3rd and final installment of Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy series, Sugar and Spice. These books are not much more than fun, girly, quick and easy beach reads, but they are highly enjoyable and Sugar and Spice is no exception!
The L.A. Candy series follows Jane and her friend Scarlett's adventures in L.A. when they move there from Santa Barbara after high school. Jane goes to work for an event planning firm and Scarlett attends USC. Shortly after arrival they are discovered by Trevor, the producer of a new reality tv show and they take him up on his offer to be on the show. They are quickly introduced to Madison and Gaby, the other two girls on the show which is appropriately titled L.A. Candy and the drama takes off from there.
Reading these books is like watching an episode of The Hills with a bit of background regarding what it's like for the girls behind the scenes and off-camera. Obviously these books are fictional, but I think they are loosely based on Conrad's experiences with The Hills. The characters all have a hint of familiarity, with Jane seeming like Lauren, Scarlett being reminiscent of Audrina with a little Lo mixed in and Hannah, a dead ringer for Whitney. If you love watching The Hills, you'll love these books.
Sugar and Spice wraps up the series nicely, giving it a definite ending... the ending is a little too happy and neat for my liking, but at least all the ends were all tied up.
You certainly won't feel amazingly enlightened by these books and you'd probably finish each of them in no more than a few days, but they are a great guilty pleasure and good fun if nothing else!
The L.A. Candy books are sold here in the UK as teen fiction, which is understandable, however I'd be careful about giving these books to a very young teenager. The series has sexual content and most of the characters drink. While it's not at all graphic and I probably read worse at 15, it felt responsible for me to tell you that if you are thinking of giving this to a 13 to 15 year old, you might like to read it first if you're particular about content.
Have you finished the L.A. Candy series yet? Would love to hear what you thought about it! Next on my reading list is Prep by Curtis Sitenfield.

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