Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink Julep's London Look: Outdoor Winter Events

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, no matter where you live in the world, you're bound to have a few outdoor winter festivities on your calendar. I myself have already had bonfire night which was a hoot and am heading out today for a late lunch date with a friend, then walking to Regents Street to see the lighting of the Christmas lights. We're also planning to go ice skating soon!

As with any other event, an outdoor event poses the eternal question... "What should I wear?" These events can throw a wrench in the works for some fashionistas because they require outerwear, but thanks to so many low-cost retailers now like H&M, Uniqlo, Walmart (or the UK equivalent, Asda) or Target, it's totally possible to have multiple winter coats, hats & scarf options on any budget! It's also not too difficult to build an outdoor event wardrobe around the coats you already have as well! Coats are important in winter... it's probably what people will see you in the most. But it's good for these events to have on a great corresponding outfit underneath in case you duck into a Starbucks or pub for drinks after the event. Here are 3 great options for these social gatherings in the freezing winter weather!

Option 1. - Casual (football games, street fairs, bonfire nights, etc...)

Leggings, cute flannel and Ugg boots are your friend in winter. Wear them for comfort and warmth! Loads of companies are offering tights, leggings, undershirts, etc. with temperature sensors such as Marks & Spencers tights or Uniqlo's Heat Tech Line. Pair a flannel shirt dress over leggings with Uggs and if it's super casual, why not wear a down parka and some ear muffs? Be warm and comfy while adorable at the same time! Depending on the event, you could be walking or standing for a while so keep the shoes as comfy as possible... when casual, wear your furry Uggs! However if it's raining or muddy where you're going, trade your Uggs for a great pair of wellies & fleece wellie socks and stay dry!

Option 2. - Smart Casual (tree lightings, outdoor family events or carol sings, parades, etc.)

If the event is a little more dressy, go for color with grey accessories. Feel free to wear a pair of skinny jeans, but dress them up with fabulous booties, a nice wool coat and grey accessories are always a little more lush! A nice v-neck sweater with your skinny jeans and great booties are the perfect look. Keep it classy with a nice bag! This is an example of being able to build your outfit around a coat you already have. Just get a sweater to match a coat in your closet and you'll be chic with or without your coat for your evening out on the town in winter!

Option 3. - Dressy (Church events, outdoor events after dinner or work, etc.)

If the occasion calls for you to be a little more dressed up or you're making your way to the event after dinner out or from the office, you can still stay warm and comfy with a cowl neck sweater dress over tights and boots. The boots don't need to be super high heeled to be nice, but stick to sleek leather for an ensemble like this. Keep it chic and classy with a more neutral coat (I like black coats for evening), long luxurious gloves and a more structured hat. A lady-like bag will definitely take your winterwear up a notch and you can add pops of color with a great scarf and hat!

What outdoor events do you have on your calendar? What will you wear?

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  1. Love your style boxes!! I love the furry earmuffs too.... xxxooo

  2. Cute styles, I like the first one with the UNIQLO dress, is the coat also from there? Is it a down coat? It's lovely :)


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