Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember, Remember the 5th of November... It's Guy Fawkes Night Y'all!

Remember Remember The 5th Of November
The Gunpowder Treason & Plot
I Know Of No Reason
Why The Gunpowder Treason
Should Ever Be Forgot...
Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes Twas His Intent
To Blow Up The King & Parliament
Three Score Barrels Of Powder Below
To Prove Old England's Overthrow
By God's Providence He Was Catched
With A Dark Lantern & Burning Match
Holla Boys, Holla Boys, Let The Bells Ring
Holla Boys, Holla Boys, God Save The King!
And what should we do with him? Burn him!

Having just arrived a little over a month ago, I'm very much looking forward to my first Guy Fawkes Night! Here's a little excerpt from Wikipedia that gives you an idea of what Guy Fawkes Night is all about:

"Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, is an annual celebration held primarily in Great Britain, on or about the evening of 5 November. Festivities are centred on the use of fireworks and the lighting of bonfires. Some former British colonies also celebrate the date.

Historically, the celebrations mark the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605. The date was originally made a public holiday in England by the anti-Catholic Thanksgiving Act of 1605, which was repealed in 1859. "

In the old days, kids used to go around the town (kind of like trick-or-treating) and ask "penny for the guy" door to door to pay for the effigy they'd make of Guy Fawkes, which would be placed on top of the bonfire and burnt. Any extra funds were used to pay for fireworks. From what I hear, this tradition is dwindling since most bonfires are professionally managed town events and children aren't allowed to buy fireworks.

According to Wikipedia, several foods are also traditional on Bonfire Night including the following:

Bangers & Mash (Sausage & Mashed Potatoes) or more recently hot dogs
Bonfire Toffee
Toffee Apples (I think these are the same as caramel apples)
Black Peas with Vinegar
Potato Pie with Pickled Red Cabbage

And as per all of my British friends, Bonfire night is really just a good time with friends, plenty of food & drinks, a bonfire, fireworks and a good time had by all! We are heading South to our friend's parents' house for BBQ and bonfire. We are super excited! We're taking the train tomorrow (which I love) and meeting some new people as well! I'm really looking forward to it! I will try to post photos when we get back!

Please note, this post information is not at all from personal experience and the information is primarily hearsay or from Wikipedia. If you have attended a bonfire night in the past and have something to add... please do! Leave a comment and tell me about your experience!

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  1. Every time I watch Bridget Jones Diary, I wonder what bonfire night is... now I know:) Have fun!

  2. oh my gosh I just learned of this today from my British roomie!!! LOVE IT!


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