Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow... Or at Least in the New Year!

I'm so sick of my hair right now. It's stringy, thin and wimpy at the ends. I think I've had it layered so much that the longest hairs are just sad at the bottoms. We're moving into a New Year and I'm looking to make some changes. I'm getting super pudgy so I'm getting back to dance classes next week and looking to be more active. I'm getting to a more sensible diet since we'll be living nearer to a grocery store where I can get fresh produce. And I need a new haircut... it's time!

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We've been watching Mad Men on dvd and I'm totally in love with January Jones's hairstyle. It's fairly short, but there's so much that can be done with it... it can be straightened, curled or flipped and if done long enough, I could still throw it in a ponytail or put it up. I'm completely in love with Gwyneth Paltrow's angled bob, but I'm not sure my bangs have grown out enough for that. However, if done like January's messy angled bob, I think I could pull it off.

So... thoughts? I'd love to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance!!! xx

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  1. You could definitely pull off the JJ's look. Make sure to make pictures!!

  2. Cute, cute! And I think it would look good on you, plus it's not so short that it would be a pain when it's growing back.

    And I totally lol'd at this twitter today: "My double chin is getting out of control... I need to start doing better stat!" You seriously crack me up!

  3. I think the cut above would be cute and give you options on ways to wear it...........

    Tammy M

  4. Sometimes layered hair just needs a good trim; yours looks so nice and long! I went to a different hair salon in October because I didn't have time to go my normal place and the stylist layered my hair so much that as it grew out it got SO stringy. My normal stylist chopped off about an inch and a half just before Christmas and the difference is amazing!

  5. I love January Jones' cut in the picture you posted! I cut my hair short in June and have really enjoyed it. It was nice for a change, too! I am completely in favor of keeping enough length for a pony!! Can't live without that! Post a pic when you do something!!

  6. I'm feeling pudgy too and am so ready to get back to an exercise routine! I love this angled bob, and I think it would be a great cut on you. Here's to a new year!

  7. Love it! I think you have a good face shape for it, too.

  8. Just wisping over the shoulders is such a funky look. By the sounds of it, your hair is suffering from winter depression and just needs a little TLC.


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