Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pink Julep's Musical Christmas Countdown: Day 21 - Do They Know its Christmas by Band Aid

Christmas is a time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves and in 1984, a group of talented British and Irish musicians got together to form Band Aid in hopes of raising awareness of such sentiment. Founded by Bob Geldoff and Midge Ure, Band Aid released Do They Know its Christmas in 1984 to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. It's a powerful song and is still very poignant today, nearly 30 years later, having been re-recorded several times.

So many people do without at Christmas and all year long that it reminds us to be thankful for what we have and share it if we are able. I'm sure it will be a dark Christmas for the victims of the earthquake and recent hurricane in Haiti, those still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, people who have lost their homes and/or jobs due to the recession... or maybe there's an old widow or widower on your street who'll spend the holiday alone this year. Christmas is a horrible time to be lonely. Also, there are families all over the United States (and the rest of the world for that matter) who are impoverished without recession and worse in times like these.

Giving is rewarding and we all experience it when we see children open their gifts at Christmas or see our mother's beaming face at the special present we've given her on Christmas Day after she has worked so hard cooking the turkey. Why not give to those who won't have a present under their tree? It doesn't have to be money as I of all people know that the purse strings can be tight... a batch of home made cookies to say Merry Christmas will work! Give your left over change to the Salvation Army bell ringers when you leave a shop or even give them an hour of your time and ring the bell yourself! I've done it before and it's fun - you see everyone you know! Donating old clothes, canned food or toys to the many drives that occur this time of year is a great way to help! If you have nothing to give, give your time. Go to a nursing home or a hospital to visit people who won't get visitors this Christmas. Or volunteer in a soup kitchen. It will make a difference to the people who need it and you'll see a difference in yourself as well! It's really a pleasure to help others!

Once my mother-in-law purchased a goat as a gift to my husband for Christmas. The goat was given to a family in an African village. There were many benefits to them receiving this goat including milk for their family for years to come. I've seen loads of ads on tv for purchasing a well in a country where there's no clean water and children are dying. These make great gifts for someone who has everything! You'd be surprised how touched they'll be to know that you donated to a charity in their name!

I'm not saying that we should all drop all of our plans or throw a heap of money at the nearest charity... all I'm saying is if everyone did one nice thing for someone in need this Christmas, what a difference we could all make!

This is a great song and a fabulous video from when they recordered it in 1984! Bono's mullet is amazing and everyone looks so young! Some participants include Phil Collins, Boy George, George Michael and Sting to name a few... Only 21 days to go!

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