Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink Julep's Musical Christmas Countdown: Day 18 - Christmas is All Around by Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) From Love Actually

Love Actually is one of my favorite films of all time! It has the perfect mix of comedy and sentiment! It's an interesting view as well on love, relationships and how different people experience love and show affection in different ways.

Billy Mack, the character played by the amazing Bill Nighy, is quite possibly one of my favorites in the film. He's a washed up pop star whose greatest relationship is with his manager... but who's to say that's not enough? This one is for all you singletons out there. You don't need a lover or a spouse to be happy on Christmas! Sometimes a good friend or some cooky family members are just what you need to feel loved!

And as the kid in the film wrote on the sign on his door whilst practicing the drums "Ringo Rocks!" 18 days to go... "Come on and let it snow!"

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  1. I have Love Actually in my DVD player right now. Definitely in my top 10 holiday flicks.


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