Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pink Julep's Musical Christmas Countdown: Day 16 - A Country Christmas by Loretta Lynn

When I first heard this song, I nearly died! It's wonderful and hilarious at the same time though my hubs has referred to it as "Yuletide Torture"! haha I had to include it in my countdown! Loretta Lynn is from Van Lear, though I think it's independent now, was at one time and is still considered to be part of my hometown of Paintsville, Kentucky. My granny was the nanny to the doctor who delivered some of her babies and I think my mom for a time was working with one of her grandchildren... small world isn't it? Some people don't know that Crystal Gayle, famous for Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, is her little sister. Anyway, I'm a huge fan! Loretta Lynn married at 14, came from the arse end of a holler and became The Queen of Country Music! She used her fame to do good by writing very feminist songs in support of the women's movie. I suppose it would be fair to say she's one of my heroes!

This song reminds me of my good ole country Christmasses in Kentucky. This will be my 5th Christmas away from home in a row... it's been a while since I've been able to go home for the holidays. Playing songs like this though will put a little Kentucky into my British Christmas and make me feel right at home!

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