Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Baby, Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight!

The photo above is the Christmas tree at Claridges designed by John Galiano for Christian Dior. So gorgeous I had to share!!!

And speaking of gorgeous, here is my Christmas wishlist this year in no particular order... (ahem, hubby I hope you're reading - please see me before shopping for my sizes, hee hee!)

I've got my eye on the Stardust gift box from LUSH! YUM!!!
Also loving the Hunter Zebra Cuff Fleece Welly Socks from or probably available in any store that sells Hunter. I wouldn't mind a pink fleece pair either...

Benefit has some great gift boxes this year in all different price ranges. This one is called "Some Beauty To Love" and it's pretty good, but I like the others as well! From

I'm a huge fan of RISK and I'm excited to see they've finally created a 2 player version!!! Hubby, I'd love this for Christmas ONLY if you're willing to play with me... otherwise it would be teasing! From

I'm in love with this sweater from Esprit! I would wear it with cute tees or tanks underneath and jeans! It comes in a few different colors... I like all of them so any one would do, but this purple color is fun!!! From

The Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistics from Lush are my new favorite! Wouldn't mind a tube of these under the tree or a couple in my stocking!

Also liking the look of the Calavera Bath Ballistic! It's described as a "spectacular bath of festival colour!" Me likey!!! Both available at

I'm dying to read Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: The Return of the Sloane Ranger by Peter York & Olivia Stewart-Liberty.

And this calendar would look fabulous on my desk!!!

Would also like to read Blow by Blow by Detmar Blow & Tom Sykes. All 3 of these are from
This Khiel's lip balm set is appealing! I just love the lipbalm I got in my stocking last year from Khiel's!
Also loving this NARS nail polish gift set!!!

This Fekkai Protein Rx Hair Treatment would be really handy!!! Both of these are from Space NK (hint, there's one on King's Road near the Sloane Square tube stop *wink wink*)

I have been eyeing these earrings from Accessorize for a while! They come in several colors including turquoise (my favorite!), cream, light green & hot pink. I'd would take them in any or all colors! I love them and they remind me of Kendra Scott earrings, but are much more affordable!

This is an obvious need but unfortunately, I'll probably end up buying it before Christmas cause I pretty much can't wait!

But I could wait for this one. Let me just say, I really really really want this one for Christmas!!! Also from
Loving these knitted Heat Tech leggings from Uniqlo! They look cute and warm!
So.... that's my list! Note to Mr. Julep, this is merely a guide... obviously, I love anything pretty or sparkly or anything that makes me a little more pretty or sparkly! Hope it helps!
So fellow citizens of Blogville, what's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

*** Additional note to hubby... the last item on the list is GBP 12.99, but currently on sale at 2 for GBP 19.99 and comes in other colors and patterns... just sayin. xoxo

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  1. Thanks for your comment about cold weather!! :D Appreciate it!

    Gah, I'm so jealous you live in London. I grew up in Germany so it was only a chunnel train ride away by a few hours but I miss the traveling and being so close to some really amazing cities. And London. Harrods and House of Fraiser..and Monsoon and Accessorize, great little cheap and chic stores...*sigh* haha :)

  2. Great list- I love the welly socks!! I'm asking for the Glee dvds- I can watch every episode a gazillion times and still not get bored!!


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