Monday, January 2, 2012

London Sightseeing & Museums

With my mom here in London, we've been enjoying some of the sights! She's pretty flexible in terms of what we do, so we've been taking her mostly to things we've not yet done, such as the British Museum (pictured above). The Ancient Egyptian mummies are pretty cool, but all in all, it's definitely not my cup of tea... The British Museum is perfect for those who love ancient relics and history.

We also visited Dickens House, the former home of Charles Dickens. With the holidays just passed, they had a Christmas With Dickens exhibit going and it was lovely!

The Dickens Museum is just a small place comprised of four small floors containing a few artifacts and pictures on the wall, but it's really charming and fun!

I would highly recommend the Dickens Museum to anyone who loves reading, pop culture or is already exploring the Bloomsbury area of London, famous for The Bloomsbury Group of writers.

Since we were in the area, we walked through Russell Square and had a look inside the Hotel Russell, designed by Charles Fitzroy Doll who is famous for designing the dining room on the Titanic.

My mom's only request was to see the Crown Jewels, so it was off to the Tower of London with us for the 5th time, but we had a blast! They change the exhibits a bit fairly regularly, so we always enjoy it when we go.

We also visited the Victoria & Albert Museum, which so far seems to be my favorite museum in London. I'm looking forward to when they open the fashion rooms again as I still haven't seen them yet. We enjoyed it and my favorite thing we saw were the Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen. They are amazing! I'm dying to try a pair on!!! I would definitely recommend the V&A to anyone who lives in London or is visiting - it's definitely got something for everyone.

What's your favorite tourist sight in London?

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  1. Hey there! I've been reading your blog for a while now!

    V&A is my favorite museum in London as well!

    I understand you are based in Putney? We just moved here as well, looking forward to exploring the area.

    If you have any helpful tips and recommendations about Putney, and could do a post about it, that would be fantastic!



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