Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curling Wand (aka My New Magic Wand!)

I finally got around to buying a curling wand yesterday! I've wanted one since before Christmas, but I just never remembered to pick one up. In the fall I bought some Babyliss hot rollers and I was very pleased with them so I decided to give the brand another go and I am pleasantly pleased! This is the best 30 pounds I've ever spent! In case you can't tell, a curling wand is similar to a curling iron (or tongs as they're called here in England) except it's graduated in size, getting smaller towards the end and it doesn't have the spring-loaded clip to hold the hair in place.

I had some e-mail queries about the curling wand so here is a photo how to of sorts to show you how I used mine!

Forgive this hideous photo, but this gives you an idea of a before and after. Basically, I just sectioned off small pieces of my hair and wound it around the barrel of the wand from the base to the tip, winding the curls away from my face. It's best to use the wand with it pointing towards the floor so that when you're done, the curls just slide off.
For small tight curls, wind tiny sections, but for fat loose waves, wind larger sections. My hair doesn't always hold a curl well and I wanted to see how full I could get it (not to mention I had a lot of time on my hands) so I went for tight curls. The curling wand works faster than a typical curling iron. This would've probably taken me 3 hours with a regular curling iron, but only about an hour with the wand.

When I was finished, I had the look of a perm. I rubbed some Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine through the curls to tame them and any fly aways. I played with it this way for a while. I found that if I flipped my head upside down and rubbed with my fingers on my scalp, that I could create more of a voluminous boho curly feel, but to be honest, it's a bit of a crazy look on me with the style of haircut I have, though I wouldn't rule it out for certain occasions!

After playing with that for a while I brushed it lightly and got a bit of a Taylor Swift curly/wavy look. Then after brushing it even more, I pulled it into this ponytail, rubbing a bit of hair oil on it to bring the ponytail together so it didn't look crazy. I think this is really pretty for a ponytail!

So as you can see, there are many different things that can be done with a curling wand! One of the people who e-mailed me asked if it's available in the US. I'm sure it is. I think I've even seen them there. I also know that one of my favorite bloggers, Pretty in Pink Megan has one as well and you can read about hers by clicking here.

Finally, one thing I really love about my curling wand is how easy to use it is. I used it first time today and got so many results that I am pleased with! In past it has taken me weeks to get the look I want from a hair tool! I highly recommend the hair wand, but make sure you get one that's quite hot. It makes all the difference! Mine goes to 200 degress Celcius (Nearly 400 degress Farenheit). I'll be experimenting more with it in future and will post other styles I get from it as a follow up! Happy grooming gals! xx

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  1. So cool! I'm def going to look into that!

  2. You have Gorgeous hair!! You did a great job!


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