Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Get Crackin on My Nails!

I have read quite a few reviews of OPI Black Shatter and it looks great, but to be blatantly honest, because I didn't see it in any shops recently, I'd completely forgotten about it! I also read quite a few blog reviews of Barry M Instant Nail Effect, which basically does the same thing for a much lower price and is sold at Superdrug. This was a no brainer... I have a Superdrug just down the street and it's right next to TK Maxx so on Friday I set out to find the magic nail laquer by Barry M!

In this photo: Target Dress, DKNY tights, Express ruffle cardi, M&S fur cuff booties, New Look black faux crock clutch, Accessorize Earrings and Boots silver pinky ring
Sorry for the faded photo, but this is the outfit I wore out on Saturday night because I wanted to match up my nails to my frock!

And these are my nails! Pay no attention to the oily look of them. It's the OPI Drip Dry I put on them to make them dry faster. In order to achieve this look, I used base coat, 2 coats of OPI Sheer Your Toys, then 1 coat of Barry M. Instant Nail Effect with a glossy OPI Top Coat over it.
I loved my nails for a night out, but I kind of wanted to see what they would look like with a brighter color. I had also picked up a few brights by Barry M as well so I swatched these three to make a decision.
This is Spring Green and I love it! I can't wait to wear this color for St. Patrick's Day!


It wasn't my favorite, but I think I'll get some use out of it come spring and summer!

Pure Turquoise...


And the winner is...

I love this blue leopard pint kind of look! It's a little more crackly up close, but all in all, I think this is a really fun way to use your nail polish as an accessory, especially for a casual day or a night out! I wouldn't recommend this for the office in most cases, but it dries very quickly so it's easy to change your nails with these Barry M. products before going to the pub or a party!

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  1. Super cute! I love the crackly look and am obsessed with nail polish. I'd definitely give the Barry M a try!


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