Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Super Long (and Long Overdue) Catch Up Post on Life in London, New Flat in Putney and Other Random Goodies!

I needed to clear my blackberry photos off my phone so I figured now is as good a time as any to catch up on some super random things that I've photographed recently, but haven't had the chance to post, starting with the cute set of blocks I bought for the mantel in our flat (pictured above) from Laura Ashley. I know a lot of you have been asking for photos of the flat, but it's a work in process... there are a few here and there will be more to come... promise!

This is the view from our living room window (same view from the bedroom window as well). There's a beautiful old Methodist church across the street.

I picked these up from a super cute shop called Octopus! They are a prince and princess magnetic dustpan and small broom set! Our flat is mostly done up in turquoise, brown and other shades of greens and blues so I couldn't resist these! They make me happy!
This is a close-up of the adorable ironing board cover I scored at Laura Ashley. It's padded and super lush! Love it!
An OOTD from a weekend not too long ago.
Dress: H&M
Sweater Jacket: H&M
Fishnet Tights: Unknown
Suede Boots: Aerosoles

We've been doing a lot of exploring lately. Turns out there are a lot of lovely riverside areas near where we live in Putney. In the past few weeks we've explored several places including Richmond (pictured above) and I can't wait to see more. Will really look forward to living near the river in Spring and Summer!

While in Richmond we found a fabulous church charity shop and I scored this Louis Vuitton make-up bag for a fiver! Not too shabby! It's in great condition too! Because Richmond is such an affluent area, we trolled all the charity shops and I also found a great plastic shopper by Dooney & Bourke for a very cheap price!

Another day we walked across Putney Bridge into Fulham to see what we could see. We came across All Saints Church which had this creep old graveyard (pictured above) and I just had to have a look!
We found a path that lead out of a graveyard into like a secret area... turns out it's not secret at all. We found Fulham Palace and it's gorgeous!
Another outfit of the day.
White tee: H&M
Grey Boyfriend Cardi: H&M
Black Leggings: H&M
Boots: Grey Classic Cardi Uggs
Scarf: Marks & Spencer
Earrings: Accessorize

Random again... these are my new favorite earrings! I got them from Accessorize and I've been wearing them with pretty much everything!
Another OOTD, this time using a sundress in winter!

Sundress: Target
Cardigan: Bought in England in 2003
Tights: DKNY
Suede Boots: Aerosoles
Necklace: Accessorize
Earrings: Khol's

A friend of mine went to America back in November and brought me back a tube of Boscia Black Mask! I tried it about 3 weeks ago (told you I was catching up!) and I love it, though it hurts like hell when you peel it off!
It's very sexy, no? Though the pain is nearly unbearable, the results are amazing! This mask leaves my skin super soft and my pores are clean after! Love it!

If you've never tried a Price's Chef's Candle, do because they're amazing! I've been using them since we came to England and they really do take food smells out of your flat while you're cooking! This is the perfect solution to the open-plan kitchen problem of having your living room smell like dinner... it really works!
Hubs bought me this kit for Christmas. It's supposed to look like the picture... but I switched it up!
This is how mine turned out! It's now hanging in the bedroom!

Last weekend we went to Kings Road on Saturday to wonder around. We found this charming restaurant where they have tables on top and bottom like bunk beds!
Here's a better photo... The wine was kept underneath!
The restaurant is called Buonasera At the Jam and it's been open since 1977. The tables are all original except for 2 new ones. It's Italian food that's very good and reasonably priced. The staff is very friendly and the gelato deserts are AMAZING! I highly recommend this place for kids, adults or any mix of the two while shopping on King's Road!
After that we gussied up and went out. We had fun dancing the night away at Citizen Smith's, a bar/restaurant in Putney that turns into a sort of club atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights. We love it! They play a great mix of old and new music, but the drinks are watery and they make you wait in line to get in.... other than that it's fun!
On Sunday we walked to Barnes and back. 4 hours of walking. These are photos from that journey.

This is me trying out the black and white feature on my blackberry!

We found lots of hidden trails and cemeteries along the way!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! We're all caught up now so I can start posting normally when my internet is connected in the flat this week (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong - we've been waiting 6 weeks!!)! xo

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  1. Wow so many cool things to see and do! I love the view from your new flat! So cool!

  2. Great charity shop bargains! Sounds like you're settling into your new home! Isn't All Saints Church where they filmed The Omen?? xx

  3. Love the Boscia Black mask! :)
    Great pics love !


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