Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Week's Purchases!

I've been doing a little shopping this week, mostly for some things we needed in the flat! I won't bore you with laundry baskets and toilet paper holders, but some of the stuff I got is really cute! We have a small one bedroom flat in Putney, a great neighborhood in South London! While there's plenty of space for just the two of us, we've been having a few clutter issues with random stuff that needs a home, so I've been addressing some of those issues, starting with the adorable napkin holder pictured above from Huttons.
I think it goes great with the Tea box I bought a few months ago at Butlers! Our flat, which I'll do a photo tour of in time when it's all ready (or at least close) has a bit of an eclectic shabby chic look to it, so these types of accessories are great for it, I think.

We joined! It's like the UK version of Netflix and I'm pretty pleased with it so far! What did I rent first? Gossip Girl of course! If any of you are interested, I have a code that will get you and me 30 free days, so send me an e-mail to and I'll send it to you with instructions. Basically at this stage, we haven't even bothered to get a tv yet. We just aren't really tv people, but we'll get one eventually to play DVD's on, but I'm still in the process of deciding where I'd like it to go and what kind of furniture I'd like it to sit on. For now, we watch movies or shows on I-Tunes or or we rent dvd's and play them on the laptop. You'd be surprised how active and productive we've gotten without a tv! We also read a lot more books! Even when we do by a television set, I'm pretty adimant on not getting cable... I hate commercials and also we have a tendency to get sucked into it, even though most of what's on isn't even appealing to us. With Lovefilm, we're only sitting down to watch what we like. I'm such a nerd!

I also got this cute mail holder that hangs on the wall from Huttons. Had noticed that hubs just keeps laying post on the kitchen table, which annoys me to no end, but its because he didn't have a place to put it. Problem solved!

I'm forever losing my keys so I grabbed this adorable key hook from Huttons as well!

Hubby has a "man bowl" for his stuff at the end of the day: keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. However, it's been nearly unusable with the amount of change thrown into it so I've been on the hunt for a while for a cute bank. I had found one a few weeks ago... I hesitated and it was gone two days later. I didn't hesitate when I saw this cutie at Huttons! It pretty much goes with our color scheme and I love it! He's nearly full already though!

If you read regularly, you know I bought this vase for some roses I picked up as a surprise for my husband on Valentine's Day. I'm now making a conscious effort to keep it filled with fresh flowers at least once a week. They are gorgeous, smell good and lift one's spirits! You don't have to spend a lot of money to do this. Last week I bought 10 pink roses for 5 pounds. This week I bought a bundle of this purple stuff for GBP 2.50 and a bundle of 6 pink Gerbera Daisies for GBP 3.50 give or take a few pennies... it cost me 6 pounds total to put this arrangement together not including the vase which I already had. It's not professional and I'm certain Martha Stewart could do much better, but for the 5 minutes I spent putting it together, I think it's lovely and it really brightens up the room! It's also our wedding colors, which makes me feel all lovey dovey!

Hubby has been moaning cause he likes long walks, but I only had UGGS for walking around until this week when he demanded I invest in some sneakers... I'm not really a sneakers kinda gal, but I used to have a pair just like these that were navy and orange... I wore them religiously for nearly 10 years (obvs only when doing physical activity or going to classes in university). I couldn't resist these ruby slipper beauties! If I have to wear sneakers, they need to look cute! I think these will be adorbs peeking out of black yoga pants or a pair of casual jeans for long walks along the River Thames!

Lookie lookie who's on the cover of UK Bazaar this week!!! I can never resist a magazine with Gwen on the cover!!! Talk about a massive girl crush!
That's the loot... if any of my readers from London have any suggestions on where I could buy some normal picture frames at reasonable prices, do leave me a comment... the only place I've found them so far is Boots and they weren't really my taste. Thanks!
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  1. Hi Ashley, always love your blog! Great finds for your flat - love the napkin holder :-) I always think John Lewis has a good selection of photo frames. BTW, if you haven't got tv, you can watch on pc/iPhone using - free registration!

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  3. Hi. I've been following your blog for a while. I recommend looking through charity shops for photoframes, failing that, Argos, Habitat or Homebase will probably have some normal, affordable frames in. x


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