Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trend Spotting: Rockstar Chic

Whitney Port

I was looking through some photos online and noticed these four all within the same 10 or so photos and thought, wow this look is catching on. All these starlets look like they're on their way to a Poison concert or else they're dating Slash and borrowing his clothes... I've no problem with either and while I think some people can pull off this look for a night out now and then, I don't think this is the best look for everyone and it's not usually my first choice unless I'm headed out to a KISS concert.

Kim Kardashian


Heidi Klum
So what's the verdict? Do you like this look or think it's a sign of the late winter blues? I could skip this trend in most instances and am really looking forward to trading in some of my black, grey and brown for florals and brights with whites!

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