Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 157th Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race

**Firstly, I apologize for all the mess on the blog. I am currently working toward getting all the images fixed, but decided that was not a good enough reason to keep from sharing my posts, so please pardon the mess.

Today is the 157th Annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and I'm so excited! The above photo shows both teams for the 2011 race! This is a huge event every year being broadcasted live on the BBC and several events surround this boat race! All the local pubs will be holding events, pig roasts, barbecues and live music. It's a great day to be living near the Thames River!

This is a map of the race route. The race begins at Putney Bridge (about 5 minutes walk from my flat) and ends at the Chiswick Bridge in Mortlake. I'm super excited that we live in Putney and can easily access all the festivities!

Pictured above, six in the 1980 Cambridge crew is comedian Hugh Laurie. Yes, even Dr. House was a crew man!

I love all the vintage underground posters of the race. This truely is a long-time tradition and I'm excited to experience it this year!

There are also lots of vintage artworks and illustrations from the boat race! Hard to believe that people used to watch the race in waistcoats, corsets and bustles. One of my favorite things about living in England (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) is that the country is so old and there are reminders everywhere of old traditions and days long gone.

I absolutely adore this 'Spy' cartoon of Rudie Lehman, former coach of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

We'll be heading down to the river in a few hours (with our preppiest collars popped) to watch the start of the race, take in the atmosphere and enjoy the festivities througout the day. I'll be sure to take lots of photos to share! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


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  1. Sounds like so much fun - take lots of pictures!


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