Friday, March 4, 2011

Eddie & the Hot Rods: Tonight at the Half Moon, Putney!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who left lovely comments on the blog or sent me sweet tweets for my birthday! You all really made my day! xoxo

Tonight we are headed to the Half Moon, a cool bar and venue in our neighborhood Putney that we discovered last weekend! The Half Moon has been around since the 60's and has a small venue that holds 250 people inside where they host concerts of all kinds. Previous performances include The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello and Bo Diddley among many others. They have shows every week hosting cover bands, new bands, old bands and comedians. It's merely a 5 minute walk from our home and most tickets are 10 pounds or less!

We're seeing Eddie & the Hot Rods, a band that has been around for 35 years and I'm so excited! I only know 1 song of theirs (that I know of) called Do Anything You Wanna Do, however I'm always up for seeing live music and I'm excited to go, have a few drinks and bop around like a groupie!

This is a photo of the band quite a few years ago (I think). They look like cool dudes!

We had the opportunity to go see Lizzy Pattinson play a gig at the Half Moon about a month ago. She is R-Patz's sister and I decided not to as the concert was billed as jazz. I'm not much of a jazz
fan. I'm kicking myself now because it's been rumoured (though not confirmed) that her sexy brother was in attendance that night... ARGH!!! He was literally a matter of feet away from me while I had dinner that night at a Tapas restaurant on Putney High Street! A bad dinner I might add.
Anyway, will report back on the concert! Have a great weekend!
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