Monday, March 7, 2011

Boho or Bust!

I am so happy the boho look is back and it's exciting to see that celebrities are really embracing it from Vanessa Hudgens in her maxi and braided up to to Amy Adams in her flared jeans! This is a great look to play around with. You don't have to go all out if you're afraid you'll look like you're wearing your Janis Joplin Halloween costume. Just flirt with this trend by starting out with a pair of wedges or a floppy hat if that's more comfortable for you. Here are some great ways to rock this new exciting trend!

Firstly, if you bought clogs during the craze last year, I hope you didn't donate them to charity cause you can totally wear clogs with the boho look! Take one of the tunics you'd normally wear over leggings and pair it with a pair of flared jeans and clogs or platforms. Finish with a floppy hat, big sunnies and an earthy bag! Don't forget to pile on the turquoise jewelry! Also, I think the only way to get away with flared jeans is to wear them with platforms, wedges or heels so make sure when you're shopping for them that they are long enough for just the toe of your shoe to peep out of the bottom, making your legs look miles long!

You don't have to wear all brown with turquoise jewelry to go boho this spring and summer. It's simply about the silhouette! Try a patterned maxi dress (I have seen gorgeous ones at Monsoon!) and match it with pretty wedges, a matching brightly colored hobo bag, big sunnies, big gold hoops (think Carrie Bradshaw), messy hair or even braids and a floppy hat! You will look like a beauty right off the pages of Vogue... circa 1975.

I am glad that I kept the gold Dior sunnies someone gifted me that kind of look like aviators (so boho) from 5 years ago and that I didn't throw out my gladiator wedges! I can't wait to invest in some flared denim and a maxi dress!

Will you be going boho this spring?

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  1. I'm Boho-inspired every day! It's not a style but a state of mind!


  2. I can only dabble in boho, it's not very me. I live in maxi dresses so I will push them a little more to the 70's this spring.

  3. Loving the boho looks for Spring as well, and the jewelry picks here are amazing..not to mention the advice on denim many get this detail wrong! :)

  4. Love these boho inspired looks! I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can bust out of my jacket/sweater rut and bust out my tanks and maxi dresses!!!

  5. like the second outfit a lot! especially the hat!

    xx, Sabinna and David


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