Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sock Monkey Making at The Jolly Gardeners Pub in Putney

Last Sunday, my husband Marc wanted to watch a sporting event in a pub, so I suggested we go to The Jolly Gardeners on Lacy Road in Putney, so I could avoid total boredom by taking advantage of their sock monkey making which they have every Sunday! My sister is mad about sock monkeys having had her first one since she was a baby! She now has a massive collection which she keeps in her office so I thought it would be nice if I made one and sent it to her in the mail!

I purchased my kit for 2.50 and had to leave a 2.00 deposit for use of the scissors, so basically it costs next to nothing. The kit includes everything you need: a pair of socks, needle & thread, stuffing, 2 buttons for the eyes and instructions for how to make the monkey.

Marc took this photo of me making my monkey. It was really fun!!! However after I realized that I sewed the monkey's mouth onto it's back, I gave up and resolved to finish monkey at a later time. You can also see my OOTD for that day!
Blue H&M tank top, black Esprit v-neck sweater, Armani Exchange skinny jeans, Desigual scarf, Grey Classic Cardi Ugg boots, blue stone ring from Boots and pearl stud earrings
I finally finished the monkey yesterday and decided to name him Ringo! I then took Ringo for a trip around the world, starting in London!

Next stop, Italy...

and of course a trip to the Colliseum in Rome...

Ringo really enjoyed the Taj Mahal....

But Bali was his favorite! Ringo is a free spirit and a championship surfer after all!

After all that travelling, Ringo took a rest from the comfort of our piggy bank where I suspect he'll stay until I get to the post office to send him to his new home in Kentucky where I'm sure he'll be very loved!

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  1. He is so cute! What a fun idea for them to offer that every week.

  2. oh my word how neat and cute is this!



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