Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boho Style Icon: Nicole Richie

I absolutely LOVE Nicole Richie's boho style! She has been a champion of the boho look for years now, whether it's been on trend or not and I think she pulls off the 70's chic California hippy girl better than anyone! As you all know, boho is big for both Summer and Fall this year as seen on the runways in New York Fashion Week among others! I'm looking to Nicole Richie for inspiration on how to work this look into my wardrobe! 1: Use braids to my advantage! (as pictured above)

2: Headbands can take any outfit from 0 to boho in 60 seconds or less!

3: Bell bottom or flared jeans with tunics or oversized jackets and cardigans are a very glam way to revisit the 70's!

4: Big sunnies are a must! Pair them with animal prints and a floppy hat or a simple tank and a funky beaded or embroidered bag to achieve this California Girl's style!

5: Florals or funky patterns will only enhance your bohemian flair, especially in a kimono style jacket or a maxi dress!

6: Always stay on the more casual side for a more laidback look, but if you need to be a bit dressier, try a nice handbag and scarf to make an ensemble more formal.

7: When in doubt, go for Missoni, the boho gal's go-to designer for all things 70's inspired GLAM!

8: It doesn't have to be maxi to be boho! Try a cute 70's inspired mini romper and don't be afraid to be playful with your style!

9: Don't be afraid to accessorize! Big earrings, necklaces and headbands can give you the look you want! As for hair, the messier, the better! Get some waves going with a curling wand and some texturizing spray!

10: Go LONG! These long jackets Richie sports are all too reminiscent of one of my favorite icons from the 70's, Janis Joplin! Invest in a similar long flowy jacket and transform a white tank and jeans into a night on the town ready ensemble!

11: Have an event to go to? Why not keep up your boho appearances in a sassy, embellished maxi dress with some glamorous jewelry, romantic hair style and a clutch?

12: Keep it comfy! A loose fitting maxi dress with a smart pair of sandals, a fabulous bag, a stylish braid and an I just woke up this morning looking dewy, tan and fabulous make-up look and you'll be perfect! Most of us wouldn't be able to get this look through the door at the office, but it's certainly the perfect weekend look for brunch, a movie or shopping with the girls!

The older I get, the more my inner hippy seems to want to break free! I'm all about fair trade, wavy locks, Meatless Mondays, healthy eating, all-natural fabrics & beauty products and recycling! It's not surprising that I am currently feeling like throwing all my clothes away and buying an entirely new wardrobe of flared denim, maxi dresses and anything Missoni I could get my hands on!

How about you? Are you feeling boho? Will you look to Nicole Richie as inspiration?

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  1. I just found your blog and became a follower! :) Love your blog! Erin

  2. Ah I think that she is such a style icon and do love her attitude. She doesn't need a stylist to do her looks for her. Great choice!


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