Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Involved in Our New Community!

A few weeks ago I signed my husband and I up as members of the Putney Arts Theatre. It's only across the street and the membership is 20 pounds per year. Not too shabby! Additionally, I signed us up to volunteer last night as Front of House staff for a performance of Angels in America: Perestroika. We served drinks at the bar and assisted with taking tickets. It was great fun and we met some new people!

The Putney Arts Theatre is super close to our flat and located in an old abandoned church that has been refurbished on the inside to look like a theatre. I was very impressed by what I saw of it! I didn't get to see the actual theatre area, but the box office and lounge/bar area were very nice! I'm excited about doing more to get involved with this group and our community!

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  1. How very fun for you both!
    Sounds like a most interesting adventure.

    Mrs. Kindergarten


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