Friday, April 15, 2011

Gwyneth Alert!!!

For those of you who love all things GP, get to your local newstand and grab the May issue of SELF! GP is promoting her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter and you're going to be seeing a lot of her.

I'd like to also point out... she is wearing jorts! For suggestions how to wear jorts this summer, click here for a recent Pink Julep Abroad post on the topic.

I think GP looks amazing and this inspires me even more to work hard at the Tracy Anderson DVD's. What do you think? Are you rushing out to buy her cookbook?

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  1. Gwyneth does look great! But I'm not so sure about her methods. Heaps of dancing and eating tiny amounts of almost calorie-free foods like she recommends on Goop doesn't appeal to me - I don't have the time and I need the energy! I prefer the Crossfit method. You workout hard with heavy weights to really stoke your metabolism and build lean muscle... then you eat whatever whole foods you want in whatever amount you need to not be hungry. I'd certainly be curious to see GP's cookbook despite my suspicion that she doesn't eat much of the food she'll be presenting. Still, I bet the photography will be amazing!
    - Catherine at The Spring


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