Monday, April 11, 2011

Have You Heard About the New Celebrity Trend D.I.P.E.?

I read a very interesting article in the Sunday Times Style magazine a week or so ago called Watch Me Eat by Peta Bee about the new phenominon DIPE: Documented Instance of Public Eating.

I'm not at all surprised that this phenominon is all the rage these days. Since the 90's when Kate Moss became the new "It Girl," thin models, actresses and celebs have been ridiculed when they gain weight and they are regularly attacked for being too thin and setting a bad example. The perfect solution for this problem is for a publicist to arrange a "Documented Instance of Public Eating" featuring a perfectly thin and sometimes extremely fit celebrity to be photographed for the world to see, no matter how misleading it might be. Now, we've all known the pretty skinny girl either in school or now in our adult lives that weighs 90 pounds soaking wet and orders a greasy cheeseburger and supersized fries at every opportunity, then finishes it off with several Cokes (not diet) and a large hot fudge brownie sunday. Years ago we all knew these girls and thought their secret might have something to do with the trip to the bathroom they made after every meal, but this article insists that dipe girls are not bullimic, they will simply use the days ahead to recalibrate and work off the meal.

To me, it seems there's nothing new about this dipe craze. Television and films have been using this technique for years. There's always a character who is ridiculously thin and gorgeous, regularly eats large meals and pints of Ben & Jerry's and claims that she never works out (Hello Gilmore Girls!). Now we all know that the actress playing the part may well be in the gym for hours a day, 7 days a week and only eat the best of organic and microbiotic foods. The perfect example? I'm not criticizing... chances are that no one would watch a show about these characters if they were slightly average looking and unappealing.

Carrie Bradshaw, the girl who says "shopping is my cardio" and eats whatever she wants. I find it hard to believe that a 35 year old woman who never ever works out in any way would be rockin such amazing abs and biceps unless she just happens to be amazingly genetically gifted. Sarah Jessica Parker is a tiny little thing and there's no doubt that she has always been and always will be small and thin, but when she appeared in SATC sporting belly tops and sheer blouses at every opportunity, her abs looked as if they were benefitting from amazing workouts or at least a job that requires a lot of physical labor.

SO... what's the danger? Influence of course. Your friend or your favorite celebrity might tell you that she eats whatever she wants as much as she wants and never lifts a finger... she just naturally looks great. That may be true... some people are naturally thin. But some people are not. And you might think there's no reason to bother because if you aren't naturally thin and perfect, then why bother trying? It seems on some occasion, these waifish beauties might have us all fooled... beware of beotches who are trying to throw you off your game. If you go home and eat burritos and potato chips every day because they do and look amazing, well then, it's less competition for them. Another issue of course is influence on young girls. One of the celebrities featured in the article is Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Are teenagers and tweens in a time when obesity rates seem to be on the rise all over the world eating like pigs and forsaking the healthy foods their parents prefer in an effort to look more like Serena van der Woodsen? I wonder...

But on the other side of the argument, I have to wonder: Has this been overanalyzed? Is it intentional? We've all been on diets and splurged on a burger when out with friends because frankly, who has the willpower to resist temptation every single time? Maybe this is being blown out of proportion.

So I ask you: What do you think? Are you a dipe girl? Do you think you've been mislead by someone's "documented incident of public eating?" Are you concerned that your teen or tween might be influenced by this fad?

*This post is only my reaction to an article that I read. I am neither condoning nor rejecting this fad, but simply sharing information and my thoughts. I realize that weight and diet related posts are slightly controversial. I welcome your comments, but ask that you please keep them civilized. Thanks!

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  1. I don't mind the DIPE so much as I mind celebrities swearing "it's genetic." Naturally thin, I understand, but it is most certainly not the case with most of them, and I think that gives out the wrong message.

  2. SJP is way over 35 dear!
    enjoyed this post.

  3. Oh, I know... but from the seasons that these photos were taken from, she was supposed to be 35 or 36... the two photos on this post are from a while back.


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