Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Julep Visits: The Tower Bridge Exhibit

On the same day we visited The Tower of London (see photo's here in case you missed it) we walked over to Tower Bridge and went to the Tower Bridge Exhibit.

The exhibit includes films about the history of the bridge, a walk along the very top of the bridge on both sides and a tour of the engine rooms.

The thing I enjoyed about this exhibit most was that it was warm and inside away from the rain, but my husband LOVED this part of our day! He really enjoyed figuring out how all the gears and engines work to make the bridge rise and fall. There are also interactive children's exercises for the little ones to understand the physics of the Tower Bridge.

At only 8.00 GBP per adult, the Tower Bridge Exhibition is one of the most affordable attractions that I have come across in London. They also offer family rates, as I've noticed most attractions, movie theatres and seasonal attractions do in London.

The top of the bridge is closed in with windows so it wasn't as exciting as I expected. Because the windows are very set in, it really takes away the thrill. In fact, while we were walking across the top, I asked my husband when we were going to the top. I simply couldn't tell. However, the bridge walk is full of artwork, information on world bridges, and lovely photos of other places in the UK. The films about the Tower Bridge history are informative and interesting! The engine rooms are great even though they weren't my favorite thing, they were very interesting. I would definitely recommend this exhibition if you are in the Tower of London area because it's a great view, it's interesting, it's affordable and it only takes about 2 hours.

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  1. Too bad the weather wasn't the greatest :( I went on a clear day and the view was great! Definitely go back on a clear day :)


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