Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Things We Do For Beauty: Threading

My mother-in-law decided she wanted to try threading. I have always been curious about this as well, so I decided that I'd watch hers and if I could muster the courage, I'd get it done as well. We both opted to have both our eyebrows and upper lips done.

I have always been a wax girl, but since the last time I was left red and rashy for a few days, I've been a little shy about having my brows waxed again. The threading has left my eyebrows beautifully shaped and there was no redness afterwards at all! It didn't hurt terribly on the eyes at all, but I would say that waxing is like pulling a band-aid quickly and threading is like pulling it slowly. The same amount of pain, however the threading is pain divided over a short period of time. Again, the eyebrows didn't hurt that badly, however the lip was positively brutal! I thought I was going to kick the lady!

Though I think threading is less comfortable, I'm more happy with the results and the price tag, so I think I'll continue threading and hope I get used to the pain. I'm hopeless at shaping my own eyebrows because they're blonde and I can't see them so I need to have them done professionally.

Do any of you use threading? How do you like it? post signature


  1. I got into threading when I lived in NYC. I have super sensitive skin so no matter what I always break out from waxing. I'm hopeless lazy when it comes to my brows so I always get them done.


  2. I've been threading for about a year now and LOVE it. The price tag is so nice...especially for upper lip and I feel like it lasts longer too.

  3. I love threading! My skin is too fair for wax and its not good for skin long-term anyway. I actually need to make a threading appointment today! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. Threading for the win. I like it so so much better and it definitely lasts longer for me.

  5. I hate threading!!! It hurts like a b****! I would much rather wax, but I know threading is better for you....Kori xoxo

  6. I am glad you liked threading, for me it was pure torture. I am one of the crazies who thinks waxing actually feels good. I cried the first (and last) time I got my eyebrows threaded.


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