Monday, May 16, 2011

Day Out on King's Road in Chelsea

Yesterday I dragged my husband away from his Sunday Times for a wander around King's Road in Chelsea, popular lately because Kate & Pippa Middleton were both spotted shopping there several times before the Royal Wedding. King's Road is one of the best places to shop in London and for us, it's only a very short bus ride across the Putney Bridge so we go there often. I took this opportunity to stock up on Lush products and decided to try this new shower gel called Dirty Springwash Shower Gel. It's great! It's minty and citrusy at the same time, which is something I love in a shower gel. It really stimulates your skin, making it all cool and tingly. It also smells amazing! The Dirty Springwash Shower Gel is part of a set of products that all go together. I also tried the body spray and I didn't like that as much. In fact, I thought it made me smell like Listerine, but the shower gel is great and I highly recommend it!

For dinner we decided to try My Old Dutch Pancake House! We had often discussed trying the one near Kensington High Street when we lived in West Kensington, but we never got around to it.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that my husband and I decided to end our Dukan Diet. It wasn't working for us for several reasons. It didn't suit our lifestyle, we were both lacking energy, I was starting to feel almost ill, my side effects were hideous and once we tallied our grocery bill and it was quadruple the norm so we decided enough was enough. With what we spent on food in 9 days, I could've bought a lovely pair of Manolos. It felt that it didn't make sense to spend a flat out fortune to feel like crap and the weight wasn't coming off any faster than it did when I ate a balanced diet and exercised regularly before my wedding.

Back to the pancakes... for those of you who don't know, a pancake in Europe is totally different from the fluffy pancakes we're used to in the United States. They are basically the same batter and therefore have a similar taste, but here in Europe they closely resemble a crepe because they're very thin. Pancakes aren't just an excuse over here for butter and maple syrup. They cover or fill them with any and everything from savory things like you'd put on a pizza to fruit and chocolate or a simple sugar & lemon juice combination. They're flat out delicious!

Neither me or my husband had ever tried a savoury pancake before. We always opt for nutella or fruity options. So we decided to go for a dinner pancake. I had just ham and mozzarella cheese and Marc had the Hawaiian, which was mozzarella cheese, ham & pineapple. They were delicious, though a little bland in my opinion. They are also incredibly filling so I think in future we'll opt for a fruit and ice cream pancake to share when we visit My Old Dutch.

If you live in London, My Old Dutch has a stamp card. Basically, after you buy 9 pancakes, the 10th is free if you have a stamp card. My Old Dutch on King's Road also has Monday Madness when all pancakes are GBP 5.00 all day long!

If you don't live in London, but you're planning a visit in the future, put My Old Dutch on your list for a fun lunch, dinner or coffee and desert date cause it's brilliant and not something you'd be able to eat just anywhere!

We finished off the night with a glass of wine at The Sloney Pony in Parson's Green. It was a fabulous day out!

To see what I wore on my day out in Chelsea, click here to visit my OOTD blog Pink Julep's Dressing Room!
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  1. I love European Pancakes - when I visited Amsterdam a couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I both tried the savory pancakes and loved how crispy and different from the states they were :)


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