Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hair Before & After and Some Pampering for Pink Julep!

Above is a photo of my hair before my hair appointment yesterday that was taken about a week or so ago. I got pretty clever with covering up my roots, but I think you can see there was quite a bit of regrowth and an overall brassy messiness to my color. Also the ends were a disaster as I had only had 1 cut and no color since September last year. I'm a natural blonde, but it's a little dingy naturally, so I generally get it lightened up about 2 to 3 times a year.

I enjoyed my appointment at Headmasters. I was given water and cookies when I arrived and the chairs are super comfy!

Later I was served some tea. It was perfectly relaxing!

I looked horrible when I went to the salon with very little make-up on and sweats. This photo was quickly snapped in a McDonald's bathroom so don't judge the pasty complexion or general yuckiness of my face. I think my stylist did a lovely job of evening out the color in my hair. It's super blonde now which freaked me out at first, but I think it's growing on me. Nice to be blondie for summer!

I continued my day of pampering with a bath last night using the LUSH Cinders bath bomb. Not sure how long I've had this... probably since Christmas, but it was AMAZING! It smells gorgeous! If these are still available, I'll definitely pick up a few more!

This is a new nail polish I'm trying. It's Mint Green by Barry M. It's fun, but it probably won't be one that I wear a lot.

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