Monday, May 30, 2011

The Foodies Festival at Hampton Court Palace

MeLikeyUK is a blog that I enjoy reading written by a gal living in London. She recently hosted a giveaway for pairs of 3 day passes to the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court Palace and I was so excited when I found out that I won a pair of tickets! The tickets were valued at GBP 25.00 each so what a great win! We spent the day in the area yesterday and it was fabulous!

There were tents and booths set up all over the grounds! I was worried about rain, but we lucked out with great weather and some sunshine!

On our way into the festival we took a detour to see Hampton Court Palace. It's HUGE and beautiful! We didn't go into the palace, but we'll definitely be heading back there for a day this summer!

The festival had live musicians all day, creating a great atmosphere.

This guy had a real George Michael sound. It was a great scene with people camped out all over drinking cocktails and bottles of wine.

We sampled some lovely wines from Casillero del Diablo.

Some of the signs were hilarious and a little bit naughty!

We took a break half-way through the day to visit a pub nearby. There were plenty of available drinks in the festival, but there weren't nearly enough loos, so we escaped for a glass of wine and a potty break! The riverfront area near Hampton Court Palace is lovely!

This hotel is gorgeous! I'm considering a weekend away here. Marc googled it on his phone and read that it was previously owned by Michael Caine!

The Hampton Court Bridge, opened in 1933.

Inside the Blubecker gastro pub at the Hotel Mitre.

I opted for the Cotes du Rhones while Marc tried the Rioja. Both were lovely!

We made the trek home after a few hours of trying samples of cocktails, liquers, wines, cheeses and sauces. We bought a few things to try and enjoyed some of them with our dinner!

This cheese is amazing from Wyke Farms. It's called Somerset Mature Super Light and it's rich in Omega 3's, 1/2 fat, low in cholesterol and made with LoSalt. Of all their cheeses, this one was my favorite! We scored 5 blocks of this cheese for only GBP 4.00! Bargain! And it's delicious!

Marc is a lover of olive oil! He loves it! We stumbled upon a booth with different types of olive oil and we scored some beauties! This lime flavored one called Sublime by Kailis is amazing!

We also got this Lemon one from Pukara Estate which is also lovely!

I LOVE Jerk Chicken and I have since the first year I lived in New York City! It's one of my favorite things in the world! When we first moved here, I couldn't find any bottled Jerk sauces anywhere, but recently I found one I love from Sainsbury's. When we found the Backyard booth, I was excited to try! We chose a bottle of the Medium Original!

And also the Medium Pineapple! This one is a bit sweet, but it's sooo good!

We had a lovely dinner of lemon chicken pasta toss, prepared with our new lemon olive oil. We paired it with some of the lovely new cheese we got, a lovely bottle of Shiraz and some baguette slices dipped in both the lemon and lime olive oils. It was wonderful! We rounded off our night with a bottle of wine at one of our favorite pubs, The Jolly Gardeners. It was an AMAZING day!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and Happy Memorial Day to my US readers! xo

Many thanks to MeLikeyUK for hosting such an amazing giveaway! We had a great time!

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