Sunday, May 29, 2011

Set Building & Dancing

Yesterday we volunteered at the Putney Arts Theatre where we are new members to help build sets. The theatre hosted a new season launch party the night before and everyone was up super late from that, so the set-building was a little sluggish, but we had fun!

Marc and I helped wallpaper some flats to be used as part of the background scenery. It was tricky, but with the help of some other people we got it sorted and had fun doing it!

Marc actually turned out to be very take charge and handy in his set building capabilities!

Last night we headed out to Ye Olde Spotted Horse and then ventured over to Citizen Smith (pictured above) for some dancing! It was great fun!

I was handy with the camera!

Love this upside down lampshade at Citizen Smith! So funny!

This is Marc's fun dancing face.

This is my serious dancing face!

At the end of the night they played I Say a Little Prayer for You by Dione Warwick and I got into character! hee hee It was a great night!

Today we're heading down to Hampton Court to the Foodies Festival. It's sunny so far so I hope it stays that way! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

* Apologies for the graphics technical difficulties on the blog. I am working toward getting this resolved ASAP.

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  1. The set building looks fun! It so neat that you're so involved with the theatre!

    Hope you enjoyed the foodie festival!


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