Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Beautiful London Views

Last night we met our previous next door neighbor from the Cayman Islands for drinks in Richmond. He took us to the top of Richmond Hill to see the views and enjoy a few pops at a lovely pub called The Roebuck. We saw some beautiful homes, including The Wick, former home of Sir John Mills (Hayley Mills's dad) and Pete Townsend. We also saw these stunning views of the Thames from the top of the hill. God bless our fabulous friend as we didn't know any of this was there, much less a 5 minute bus ride from our flat... I feel a picnic in Richmond coming on soon!

I think this is a hotel. It's just gorgeous!

There are gorgeous areas for sitting and walking paths all along the top of the hill. You can even order a drink from the pub and walk across the street to enjoy it while taking in the view from these benches. Lovely stuff!

On a different note, on Monday night, this rainbow popped up out of nowhere. It wasn't even raining. Isn't it gorgeous!? It didn't photograph as pretty as it looked. I haven't seen very many rainbows before, so I got really excited!

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  1. Such wonderful images in London, I love them!

    Last day to enter my Serena and Lily Giveaway!

    Art by Karena


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