Sunday, May 15, 2011

This and That

I have been a woman on a mission for the past week, hence the lack of blogging. There's a lot going on in that we decided to replace all our bedroom storage, since our previous temporary solutions were a lot more temporary than we thought and started falling apart. In doing that, I decided to purge and clean our flat so I've been very busy! I decided to try this Thai Orchid candle by Febreeze. It's amazing! It smells lovely and tropical, just perfect for summer and it really does make the whole flat smell nice! For only GBP 6.41, it's worth every penny and burns for 30 hours! It's also lovely to look at as it comes in a nice glass jar with no labels, so it doesn't look like your typical air freshening candle! It's a great alternative for every day, since I don't want to use my fancy expensive candles all the time for obvious reasons.

My husband gave me this Intelligence Deck for Christmas in my stocking a few years ago and I have never had the opportunity to read any of it. It's great! Filled with lovely cards, this deck tells all ladies who aim to be chic what they need to know including how to convert Farenheit to Celcius, how to say hello in several languages, how to pronounce often mispronounced words, the various art and music movements, and ballet terminology to name a few. This would make an excellent small gift for someone. I only found it on one website. Click here for more information.

As I said, we decided to replace the storage in our bedroom. The average flat in England doesn't have a built-in closet, which is something I'm very used to being an American. While most furnished flats would provide a certain amount of drawers and wardrobes, I chose to move into a more unfurnished flat so that I could decorate according to our tastes. In the beginning we couldn't figure out what pieces we could invest in to maximize the small space so we bought some temporary units to give us some time to figure out what we wanted. We had no idea the temporary units would start falling apart in less than 4 months. So last weekend we were faced with making some serious decisions about what we would buy and I'm very happy with our choice. This is our chest of drawers.

We decided on 2 matching wardrobes and they're perfect! I love that they have drawers at the bottom for even more storage.

I also finally got a full-length mirror, something I've now been living without for quite some time! These Cheval style mirrors seem to be very popular here in London and I can see why. They take up minimal space and you can adjust them quite easily.

Once we put all our clothes away, we discovered there was no room in the wardrobes for our shoes. Major emergency as far as I'm concerned! We opted for an expandable cheap shoe rack and to be honest, it's not Carrie Bradshaw's amazing shoe closet, but for now it does the job and it looks tidy. Once the shoe collections start increasing rapidly, we can buy another to stack on top of this one. I actually like it, because my pet peeve is not being able to see my shoes clearly.

All in all I'm in love now. Our room looks great, it's comfortable and it seems like 20 times bigger now. I'm glad that we waited to make a real decision! All we need now for our bedroom are a few things to hang on the wall. I am pretty particular about decorations, so I suppose that collection will grow with time.

Now that the flat is finally sorted, I am focusing on other important things. All the admin tasks of our move are pretty sorted at this stage, so I can take time to find things for us to do and get involved in. I'm going back to dance classes this week and starting to explore and think about what I'd like to do professionally in the future.

In other news, I've started writing on my second blog again. I will be posting all my OOTD's on that blog from now on so hop on over and visit Pink Julep's Dressing Room!

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