Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Fashionably Dark Period

There seems to be a trend in my style lately. I'm obsessed with 2 things: Black and Accessories! I'm calling this my dark period! I'm just loving the chic look of black, but I also love jazzing it up with a pop of color! I'm also pretty partial these days to white, a color I've never really enjoyed and other neutrals like navy and grey. I've been loving the versatility of neutrals and changing them up with vibrant accessories, but in particular, even though it's nearly summer, I'm currently in love with black.

Here are some ways I love to wear black!

1. Don't be afraid to mix black with brown or camel colored accessories. I think this is one of the chicest and most original ways to accessorize with black. I often run out in black with my brown riding boots! Throw in some colorful jewelry with gold tones and you're super chic for summer!

2. One of the biggest trends this summer is cobalt blue. It looks beautiful mixed with silver and black. For a sexier summer appeal, try to work in some lace. Colbalt blue suede sandles are too sexy and perfectly on trend for summer. They'll also look amazing with a pair of red or yellow skinny jeans for a color blocking effect!

3. Purple and black can scream Halloween or remind one of the Joker from Batman, but if done appropriately, it can be a funky yet appropriate look and it's gorgeous for evening! Spice up a simple LBD and black shoes with some layered purple beaded necklaces, a funky coctail ring and some chandelier earrings. A purple clutch will stand out beautifully against the black dress.

4. I often start building an outfit from the floor up. I pick the shoes I'd like to wear and I work my way up. If you have a great patterned pair of heels, don't let the dust settle on them! Pair them with an all black outfit and don't be afraid to mix patterns with the accessories. A floral cuff is always fun!

5. Mixing colors or prints with black & white stripes is one of my favorite things! Pair a black and white striped top with a colorful scarf, some funky earrings, a stack of bracelets and a bold bag. They don't have to all be the same color, but try to use colors that go well together.

6. There's something very sexy about red and black together. Mix these up for a powerful look when you need a bit more confidence.

7. Yellow is the essential color for summer every single year without fail, but if you're like me and don't particularly feel comfortable or attractive in an all yellow dress, try wearing yellow accessories with all black or black & white. Nothing looks more springy! Grab a yellow bag, shoes and a cocktail ring and then wear them with black, grey, navy, brown, beige... yellow can add a classy pop of color to almost any neutral!

So tell me... how do you feel about black? Are you comfortable wearing black? Would you wear it in summer for anything besides a funeral? I'm curious!

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  1. I love black! :)

    Great choices!

    Kiss from Portugal,

  2. Love love love this post. I'm a fashionably dark girl myself. I wear lots and lots of black! I love pairing it with browns/camels, like you said and red. Red is my favorite color "pop." Love your style boards too!

  3. BEAUTIFUL looks! I have so much black, and am always trying to punch it up with color! you have given me a lot of inspiration....think I will go shop my closet now! :)

  4. I *love* black! I have more black and dark gray in my closet than anything else. My fave thing to wear is dark gray skinny jeans, black v-neck tee and lots of funky accessories! Plus, black always looks nice on blondes :)


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